Friday, February 11, 2011

Chocolate Birthday cake

Today I made a Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. The letters were done in white chocolate. So this is a really chocolaty cake, which is the birthday boys favorite. Hope he likes it and hope you have a great birthday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Cookies

My daughter and I are entering a heart cookie contest. You had to make chocolate chip cookies in a heart shape and decorate them. So today on a snowy cold day we finished them up. I think they turned out cute, mine is the first one and I imagined a little more perfect in my head, but came out pretty cute? Then my daughter did a great kitty cat one which I think turned out pretty cut? I guess we will enter and see how it goes. :)

Christmas cupcakes

Okay, so its been a long time since I posted. Here are the snowman Christmas cupcakes I took to my daughters Christmas party at school. They were cute and pretty easy, decorated with lots of different candies. They were almond cake flavored with buttercream frosting.