Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tasty Chocolate cake

This was a tasty chocolate cake I made for dessert when some friends came over. It is not the pretties cake, but it tastes really good!.

You take your favorite chocolate cake recipe or even a box and when it calls for water add chocolate milk instead, you can do this for any chocolate cake and stop here or proceed for an even more delicious gooey cake:) Then put in two pans and bake, then when it comes out of the oven, put carmel sauce (maybe a cup) in a bowl and mix with sweetened condensed milk (maybe a 1/2 can) you might want to heat this slightly in the microwave so it blends well. Then take a fork and poke lots of holes in your cake and pore the caramel mixture on top until in sinks in the cake. Use all your mixture it makes it yummy.

Then you can use cool whip or whipped cream for the center of the cake and frost it with your favorite chocolate frosting. I used cocoa frosting. It is rich and yummy!!

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Nicole Friedel said...

oh, i can almost taste all that chocolate! sounds yummy!