Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Cake

Well this week is a week of cakes. This is my third cake to make although I forgot to take pictures of the first two. :( One was for my sons birthday party play date which was just a baseball and the other was a banana nut cake for my friend that moved away. :( (We already miss you!) Then I have two more to go which you will see in the next couple days.

This is a cake I made to take to my daughters school for teacher appreciation day. The teachers get a half day off and get to gather together to visit and eat desserts and appetizers that parents make. So this is what I will take. Hope they like it!


Nicole Friedel said...

Can you save me a piece please? I've been doing lots of teaching today! :) LOL It looks delicious, but your cakes always do! Miss you, Nicole

Kelly Elliott said...

Someone should make you a cake with that on it! MISS YOU GUYS!!!