Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Desserts

I made a few desserts for Christmas Eve dinner at my house. Here they are:

Chocolate mouse, my dads ultimate favorite and any chocolate lovers dream. :)This one is a new one that I tried. It turned out pretty good. It is a Ginger, Chocolate Toffee Cake.

This one is also a new recipe. My husband really liked this one the next day after all the flavors married. :) It is a banana fosters upside down cake.

This one is my sister-is-laws favorite it is a sugar free strawberry cool pie.

This is the counter with all the candies on it. We made chocolate covered cherries, caramels with pecans and chocolate, chocolate mints and some others.This was a new one as well. We had Mexican food for dinner so I thought I should throw in a sopapilla cheesecake. It was okay, but by far not my favorite.

This was something new I tried. I made peppermint with chocolate drizzle. It turned out pretty good. Here are some of the cookies we made. Chocolate chip, chocolate mint, peppermint, chocolate pecan pinwheels. peanut butter, and sugar cookies

That's all the desserts for Christmas eve I think, there were a lot left over. :)

These are the cupcakes I took to my sons Pre-K class party. They were almond cake with buttercream frosting. I think the kids liked them!


Kelly Elliott said...

You know my choice is for the cupcakes. :) Hope you guys are well!

Kelly Elliott said...

chris and I were just talking about your delicious cakes this morning.

HeatherP said...

You mean you still think about my little cakes? That makes me smile :)
We are doing pretty well and had a great Christmas. Hope yalls was wonderful!

Kelly Elliott said...

Oh, yes! We sure do talk about your cakes. Let me tell you none of them here are up to your level! Ours was great, too. Glad that you are doing well!