Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All kinds of Birthday's

I hand drew this elephant on this cake A fish cake for my father-in-law, he likes to fish! I drew it:

Hand drew this one also:

Cookie monster:

Batman cake for my husband, he likes batman :)

Another husband cake, he likes motorcycles also:

A care bear cake for a friends daughter's 1st birthday:

Strawberry shortcake cake for a friends daughter that is good friends with my daughter

A surprise cake for a friend from her husband, she likes Wisconsin

I got the privilege of making my husband’s papa’s 98th birthday cake. He likes to fish so I came up with this:

A friends daughters birthday cake, I tried making it look like her invitation:


Skateboard cake for our neighbor, he likes skateboarders. I think it was only appropriate we got him a skateboard as a present:

Friend of my daughters from dance birthday cake:

Friends daughters first birthday cake, they had a cool circus theme:

Neighbors twins birthday cake:

Mater from the movie cars:

Firetruck cake:

Spongebob for a friend of my daughters from dance:

Farm cake:

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