Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Daughter's Birthday's

My daughters cakes through the years:

This is her 1st birthday cake, I of course chose Strawberry Shortcake and I made the vintage strawberry shortcake for the guest cake and made her very own up to date strawberry shortcake for her own cake.
This is her second birthday, she loves cats:

And this was her personal cake:
This is her 3rd birthday cake, she is into princess stuff so I thought I would try a castle:This is her personal cake, her own little princess: Then we progress to her 4th birthday where I go all out in cakes. I made her own personal cinderella cake, which cinderella is her favorite princess. Then I make a pillow cake with a royal icing shoe on top for the guests and I also made a chocolate moouse cake like a crown. We had lots of cake this year. :)Here is the main cake up close, it took me weeks to finally get the shoe right and it not break. I am not sure how I am going to top this cake next year?

Here are some cupcakes I put together to take to dance class which she had on her birthday:

So here is her 5th birthday cake:

Her personal cake: And her cupcakes she took to pre K class. I think it was a grea birthday this year!

Daughter's sixth birthday:

Well, another birthday has come and gone, it took a week to create all the pieces and less than 10 minutes to destroy it! :) But I think it turned out great, although at the end of the evening laying in bed I realized I forgot a piping detail that was supposed to go all around the bottom layer, kind of lace like. Also I made a fondant bow to go on the center layer, but then did not think it looked right and took it off. Oh well I don't think anyone thought anything was missing. The top two layers were cherry cake with chocolate frosting in the middle and covered in buttercream. Then the bottom layer was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting in the middle covered in buttercream. The decorations were made of gum paste, fondant, and royal icing. Then my daughters cake was cherry also, her choice! All 24 kids seemed to have a blast. We did all the girls hair, makeup, and nails, played games and played in the bounce slide and playground. It was a huge success!

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